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Plant function and evolutionary biology

Research Fronts

From Genome to Phenome in Cereals

The very extensive knowledge base now established for plants, as brought together at the 18th International Botanical Congress held in 2011 in Melbourne, Australia, provides the basis for the design of specific genotypes and high throughput diagnostics to drive new advances in the selection of biotic and abiotic stress tolerance in our major cereal food crops. This Research Front presents papers discussing biotechologies and concepts from genome to phenome in cereals.

Beans in the Tropics

This Research Front comprises papers that advance the case of using a basic understanding of common bean biology to design and execute effective crop improvement programs.

Advances in Pathogen Effector Biology

This Research Front offers a series of concise reviews by prominent scientists describing recent advances in pathogen effector biology in fungi, oomycetes, bacteria and nematodes.

Understanding Plant Responses to Acid Soils

This Research Front on plant responses to acid soil, contains a group of papers most of which were presented at the ‘7th International Symposium on Plant–Soil Interactions at Low pH (PSILPH)’, held in Guangzhou, China, 17–21 May 2009.