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Awards and Prizes

Award for an early-career scientist

Functional Plant Biology is pleased to offer an annual award for the best paper published in the Journal in each calendar year by an early-career scientist.

The award carries a prize of a personal one-year print+online subscription to FPB, a AU$250 book voucher from CSIRO Publishing, a framed reprint and a certificate.

To be eligible for the prize, the first author must be enrolled for a PhD, or be within ten years post-PhD, and a member of the ASPS (or their national equivalent).

Nominations are judged on the basis of reviewers’ reports, and the Executive Committee of the Australian Society of Plant Scientists.

The winner of the award will be announced in an early issue of the journal each year.


  • 2015: Diep Ganguly
    Genetic suppression of plant development and chloroplast biogenesis via the Snowy Cotyledon 3 and Phytochrome B pathways
    Diep Ganguly, Peter Crisp, Klaus Harter, Barry J. Pogson and Verónica Albrecht-Borth
    pp. 676-686
    Full Text

  • 2014: Thi My Linh Hoang
    Physiological basis of salt stress tolerance in rice expressing the antiapoptotic gene SfIAP
    Thi My Linh Hoang, Brett Williams, Harjeet Khanna, James Dale and Sagadevan G. Mundree
    pp. 1168-1177
    Full Text

  • 2013: Christine Böttcher
    Ripening of grape berries can be advanced or delayed by reagents that either reduce or increase ethylene levels
    Christine Böttcher , Katie E. Harvey , Paul K. Boss and Christopher Davies
    pp. 566-581
    Full Text

  • 2012: Hollie Webster
    Genome-level identification of cell wall invertase genes in wheat for the study of drought tolerance
    Hollie Webster, Gabriel Keeble, Bernard Dell, John Fosu-Nyarko, Y. Mukai, Paula Moolhuijzen, Matthew Bellgard, Jizeng Jia, Xiuying Kong, Catherine Feuillet, Frédéric Choulet, International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium and Rudi Appels
    pp. 569-579
    Full Text

  • 2011: Arati Agarwal
    Analysis of global host gene expression during the primary phase of the Arabidopsis thalianaPlasmodiophora brassicae interaction
    Arati Agarwal, Vijay Kaul, Robert Faggian, James E. Rookes, Jutta Ludwig-Müller and David M. Cahill
    pp. 462–478
    Full Text

  • 2010: Helen Bramley
    The contrasting influence of short-term hypoxia on the hydraulic properties of cells and roots of wheat and lupin
    Helen Bramley, Neil C. Turner, David W. Turner, Stephen D. Tyerman
    pp. 183-193
    Full Text

  • 2009: Megan Shelden
    Identification and functional characterisation of aquaporins in the grapevine, Vitis vinifera
    Megan C. Shelden, Susan M. Howitt, Brent N. Kaiser, Stephen D. Tyerman
    pp. 1065-1078
    Full Text

  • 2008: Joanne Tilbrook
    Cell death in grape berries: varietal differences linked to xylem pressure and berry weight loss
    Joanne Tilbrook and Stephen D. Tyerman
    pp. 173-184
    Full Text

  • 2007: Abby Cuttriss
    Regulation of lutein biosynthesis and prolamellar body formation in Arabidopsis
    Abby J. Cuttriss, Alexandra C. Chubb, Ali Alawady, Bernhard Grimm and Barry J. Pogson
    pp. 663-672
    Full Text

  • 2006: Rebecca Miller
    Cyanogenesis in the Australian tropical rainforest endemic Brombya platynema (Rutaceae): chemical characterisation and polymorphism
    Rebecca E. Miller, Judy Simon and Ian E. Woodrow
    pp. 477-486
    Full Text

  • 2005: Nick Gould
    Phloem hydrostatic pressure relates to solute loading rate: a direct test of the Münch hypothesis
    Nick Gould, Michael Thorpe, Olga Koroleva and Peter Minchin
    pp. 1019-1026
    Full Text

  • 2004: Megan P. Lindsay
    A locus for sodium exclusion (Nax1), a trait for salt tolerance, mapped in durum wheat
    Megan P. Lindsay, Evans S. Lagudah, Ray A. Hare and Rana Munns
    pp. 1105-1114
    Full Text

Peter Goldacre Award

This is an award of the Australian Society of Plant Scientists, and is proudly sponsored by FPB. The award carries a prize of A$2000, a medal and a certificate.

Nominations are invited for this award every year. The background and eligibility requirement for the award are at

Past Recipients of the Peter Goldacre Award