Functional Plant Biology Functional Plant Biology Society
Plant function and evolutionary biology


Functional Plant Biology publishes papers of a broad interest that advance our knowledge on mechanisms by which plants operate and interact with environment. Of specific interest are mechanisms and signal transduction pathways by which plants adapt to extreme environmental conditions such as high and low temperatures, drought, flooding, salinity, pathogens, and other major abiotic and biotic stress factors. FPB also encourages papers on emerging concepts and new tools in plant biology, and studies on the following functional areas encompassing work from the molecular through whole plant to community scale. FPB does not publish merely phenomenological observations or findings of merely applied significance.

Focus areas:

  • Environmental physiology
  • Stress and adaptation
  • Plant cell biology
  • Plant growth and development
  • Photosynthesis and carbohydrate metabolism
  • Nutrient uptake, transport and metabolism
  • Effective resource utilisation (water; assimilates; nutrients)
  • Root – rhizosphere biology
  • Reproduction, seed and fruit biology
  • Defence and protection
  • Emerging science

Perspective articles and focused reviews on these topics are welcome.

There are no arbitrary restrictions on the length of papers, and there are no page charges. FPB welcomes papers from any part of the world and uses expert reviewers from a wide range of countries.