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Plant function and evolutionary biology

Evolutionary Reviews

Published: 22-February-2013

The evolution of desiccation tolerance in angiosperm plants: a rare yet common phenomenon

Donald F. Gaff, Melvin Oliver
Functional Plant Biology 40 (4) pp. 315-328
Published: 12-July-2011

The evolution and functional significance of leaf shape in the angiosperms

Adrienne B. Nicotra, Andrea Leigh, C. Kevin Boyce, Cynthia S. Jones, Karl J. Niklas, Dana L. Royer, Hirokazu Tsukaya
Functional Plant Biology 38 (7) pp. 535-552
Published: 30-April-2010

Evolutionary advantages of secreted peptide signalling molecules in plants

Janet I. Wheeler, Helen R. Irving
Functional Plant Biology 37 (5) pp. 382-394
Published: 26-March-2010

The convergent evolution of aluminium resistance in plants exploits a convenient currency

Peter R. Ryan, Emmanuel Delhaize
Functional Plant Biology 37 (4) pp. 275-284
Published: 01-June-2009

Sexual and asexual (apomictic) seed development in flowering plants: molecular, morphological and evolutionary relationships

Matthew R. Tucker, Anna M. G. Koltunow
Functional Plant Biology 36 (6) pp. 490-504
Published: 06-May-2009

Recognition events and host–pathogen co-evolution in gene-for-gene resistance to flax rust

Peter Dodds, Peter Thrall
Functional Plant Biology 36 (5) pp. 395-408