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A simple new equation for the reversible temperature dependence of photosynthetic electron transport: a study on soybean leaf

Tania June, John R. Evans and Graham D. Farquhar

Functional Plant Biology 31(3) 275 - 283
Published: 15 April 2004


The temperature response of Jmax, the irradiance-saturated potential rate of photosynthetic electron transport in the absence of Rubisco limitation, has usually been modelled by a complicated, modified Arrhenius type of equation. Light saturation can be difficult to achieve and reduces the precision of fluorescence measurements. Consequently, we calculated the rate of electron transport at 1200 μmol photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) quanta m–2 s–1 from chlorophyll fluorescence measurements on intact soybean leaves [Glycine max (L.) Merr] as temperature increased from 15 to 43°C with 1250 μmol mol–1 ambient [CO2]. Electron transport rate was maximal around 37°C and the decline in rate following further increases in leaf temperature to 43°C was found to be completely reversible immediately upon return to lower temperatures. We report a convenient, new equation for the temperature dependence of the rate of electron transport under high irradiance:...

Keywords: chlorophyll fluorescence, CO2, gas exchange, growth temperature, nitrogen, photosynthesis model.

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