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Comment. Foliar d15N is negatively correlated with rainfall along the IGBP transect in Australia.
Response. Interpretation of increased foliar d15N in woody species along a rainfall gradient in northern Australia

Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 26(3) 293 - 298
Published: 1999


Mannose 6-phosphate reductase (M6PR, EC, a potential target for thechemical control of the parasitic angiosperms that produce mannitol, waspurified from the photosynthetic parasiteStriga hermonthica (Del.) Benth. and the achlorophyllousparasite Orobanche ramosa L. Except for theKm values for NADPH, most of thecharacteristics of the enzymes are similar in these species, i.e. a monomericstructure of 38–39 kDa molecular mass, a pH optimum of 7.0–7.5suggesting a cytosolic location, a relatively high optimum temperature(35–45˚C), a low Kmvalue for mannose 6-phosphate of 5.9–8.6 mM and, lastly, a significantpreference for NADPH as nucleotidic cofactor.

Keywords: mannose 6-phosphate reductase, mannitol,Orobanche ramosa, parasitic angiosperms,Striga hermonthica.

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