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Effect of Brassinolide and other Growth Regulators on the Germination and Growth of Pollen Tubes of Prunus avium using a Multiple Hanging-drop Assay

FR Hewitt, T Hough, P O'Neill, JM Sasse, EG Williams and KS Rowan

Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 12(2) 201 - 211
Published: 1985


A new multiple hanging-drop assay has been tested with a growth inhibitor, cycloheximide, and a growth-promoter, fusicoccin. This assay has been used to examine the growth-response of pollen-tubes of Prunus avium to brassinolide, a naturally occurring promoter of plant growth. This response is compared with that of indol-3-ylacetic acid, gibberellic acid, and kinetin. Pollen tubes responded to brassinolide and fusicoccin at 1 nM and above, a concentration one order of magnitude lower than that for indol-3-ylacetic acid and gibberellic acid. Kinetin did not stimulate growth of the pollen tubes.

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