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Beyond Sham and Cyanide: Opportunities for Studying the Alternative Oxidase in Plant Respiration Using Oxygen Isotope Discrimination.

SA Robinson, M Ribas-Carbo, D Yakir, L Giles, Y Reuveni and JA Berry

Australian Journal of Plant Physiology 22(3) 487 - 496
Published: 1995


Discrimination against 18O during dark respiration forms the basis of a new technique for measuring- flux through the alternative pathway during plant respiration. This technique, first reported by Guy and coworkers, is the first to allow measurements of the alternative oxidase in vivo under steady-state conditions. Improvements to the technique have produced a gas-phase system which allows measurements of alternative pathway flux in intact tissues in less than an hour. The development and application of these techniques and the potential for future experiments are discussed in this review.

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