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Editor-in-Chief - Sergey Shabala Professor Sergey Shabala

Sergey Shabala is the Editor-in-Chief of FPB. Sergey has extensive editorial experience, being an author on nearly 200 published peer-reviewed papers, and regularly reviewing papers for over 70 international plant science and multidiscipline journals. He is also a member of editorial boards of seven journals and a regular reviewer for the major funding bodies in 14 countries.

Sergey is a Professor in Plant Physiology and a Stress Physiology Research Group Leader at the University of Tasmania. He is also a co-Director of the Australia-China Research Centre for Plant Stress Biology. His area of expertise is stress physiology and membrane transport in plants. His work is aimed at revealing and quantifying the role of specific ion transporters in plant adaptive responses to salinity, waterlogging, osmotic stress, chilling, acidity, elicitors and oxidative stress, as well as to understand the signalling cascades mediating plant-environment interactions.

Professor Sergey Shabala
Functional Plant Biology
School of Land and Food, University of Tasmania
Private Bag 54
Hobart, Tas 7001
Telephone +61 3 6226 7539
Fax +61 3 6226 2642

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