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Australian Journal of Chemistry

Australian Journal of Chemistry

Volume 69 Number 12 2016

RACI and AAS Awards (2015/2016)

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Wine is a fascinating natural product containing many hundreds of volatile compounds. A much smaller number of key compounds typically contribute to wine aroma, and odorants with characteristic aroma qualities may even define a particular varietal wine. Examples include the varietal thiols, present as odourless precursors in grape berries, that typify the aroma of Sauvignon Blanc wine.

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Transition metal-mediated arylation is emerging as a powerful tool for the covalent modification of native peptides and proteins. This highlight review will summarize recent advances in the regio- and chemoselective arylation of select proteinogenic side chains and backbone amide N–H bonds with special focus on the application of these methodologies in the field of bioconjugation.

CH16428Masked Ketenes as Dienophiles in the Diels–Alder Reaction

Emily G. Mackay and Christopher G. Newton
pp. 1365-1374
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The Diels–Alder reaction is one of the most powerful, well-established, and versatile reactions in organic chemistry; however, its application in certain settings remains a challenge as a result of functional group incompatibility. In this review, we examine the methods in which masked ketenes can be employed as dienophiles, taking particular note of applications in complex settings.

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Because it is an ozone-depleting substance, carbon tetrachloride is slowly disappearing from laboratories but it is still used in industry. There is more carbon tetrachloride in the upper atmosphere than can be accounted for by estimated releases from anthropogenic activities. The figure shown is adapted, with permission of the authors, from a recent report.

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The elasticity of a range of vertebrate and particularly human tissues depends on the dynamic and persistent protein, elastin, which is predominantly made by assembling tropoelastin. This overview considers tropoelastin’s molecular features and biological interactions in the context of its value in tissue repair.

CH16443Binder-Free TiO2 Monolith-Packed Pipette Tips for the Enrichment of Phosphorylated Peptides

Chang Lei, Liang Zhou, Chun Xu, Xiaoran Sun, Amanda Nouwens and Chengzhong Yu
pp. 1396-1401
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A macroporous TiO2 monolith-entrapped pipette-tip was developed for phosphorylated peptide enrichment with a detection limit of 1 ng mL–1 and better enrichment efficiency compared with a commercial tip.

CH16430Effect of Modification Protocols on the Effectiveness of Gold Nanoparticles as Drug Delivery Vehicles for Killing of Breast Cancer Cells

Zahrah Alhalili, Daniela Figueroa, Martin R. Johnston, Joe Shapter and Barbara Sanderson
pp. 1402-1412
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Functionalised gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) for the delivery of chemotherapy agent Taxol to breast cancer cells (T47D) have been tested using various nanoparticle modification protocols.

CH16447A Derivation of the Gibbs Equation and the Determination of Change in Gibbs Entropy from Calorimetry

Denis J. Evans, Debra J. Searles and Stephen R. Williams
pp. 1413-1419
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Building on our equilibrium relaxation theorem for systems in contact with a heat reservoir, we derive Gibbs’ equation, the fundamental equation of classical equilibrium thermodynamics. We reinforce that Clausius’ inequality contains terms that were undefined by Clausius and show the change in Gibbs entropy can be expressed in terms of physical quantities.

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Professor Kenneth Seddon OBE, one of AJC’s longest-standing Editors, sadly passed away on 21 January from prostate cancer. Ken was one of the world's best ionic liquids experts. His consistent unwavering support, loyalty and advocacy for AJC over the last 10 years will be sorely missed.